Applying to Woodlawn

  •         Woodlawn Catholic Regional School is characterized by a sincere concern for the individual student.  The school endeavors to develop the academic potential of its students by means of a curriculum that combines the best of traditional academic disciplines with openness to innovative approaches in education. 
              It is our belief that true education aims at the formation of the total individual.  As a community, we challenge the physical, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual needs of our students in order to inspire and prepare life-long learners who contribute to society as responsible, productive citizens.
              Children of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to attend Woodlawn Catholic Regional School.  An application is provided for your convenience.  In order to secure a seat for your child, the application must be submitted with a non-refundable registration fee of $100.00.  In addition to the application and registration fees, a copy of your child’s birth certificate (and baptismal certificate if applicable) is required.
              Children who enter Pre-School or Kindergarten are required to provide Woodlawn with a copy of updated medical/shot records.  For all other children entering Woodlawn Catholic Regional School, we will request the student’s academic and medical records from their previous school.