• Woodlawn Catholic Regional School embraces a comprehensive program of intellectual, aesthetic, and physical activities that further the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development of students from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade and is staunchly guided by our school mission. It is our belief that true education aims at the formation of the total individual.  As a community, we challenge the physical, cultural, spiritual, and intellectual needs of our students in order to inspire and prepare life-long learners who contribute to society as responsible, proactive citizens.
    Academically, our curriculum consists of religion, English/reading/language arts/vocabulary, mathematics (including pre-Algebra and Algebra), science, social studies, computer, art, Spanish, music, and physical education and employs such programs as SuperKids Reading, Eureka Math, and Nancy Larson Science to name several.  While our expectations for our students are high and clearly stated, all student contributions are valued and assessed in terms of personal achievement and potential. 
    Most academic programs offered at Woodlawn Catholic Regional School utilize a variety of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory methods to instruct students of all abilities and levels.  Every effort is made to adjust lessons to meet the needs of all students.
    The planned curriculum employed at Woodlawn Catholic Regional School demonstrates continuity from grade to grade and is designed to best optimize student learning; thereby, allowing students to make the most of the opportunities available and to better empower them to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century as digitally responsible citizens.  To this end, all classrooms are internet-ready and have the potential for 1:1 device usage with a class set of readily available Chromebooks.  Additionally, all the middle school classrooms and one primary grade classroom are equipped with interactive SmartBoards and all classrooms are furnished with high-definition display screens and computers for interactive learning.  Via the use of such technology students gain efficiency with PowerPoint, word documents, spreadsheets, and coding to name a few.
    Students are exposed to technology early and often at Woodlawn Catholic. From the first day of school, all classes visit the computer lab, where they practice basic skills such as typing and mouse skills. In addition, classrooms use Chromebooks to supplement curriculum. Students learn how to create and utilize documents, spreadsheets and slideshows within the Microsoft Office Suite of tools. They are actively involved in responsible Internet practices and becoming digital citizens. They learn how to use the Internet for research, how to determine what is a viable, reliable source, and how to properly cite sources. All of these skills and activities prepare our students well for high school and beyond.
    While grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade five are self-contained; grades six, seven, and eight are departmentalized in such academic domains as math, social studies, reading, and science.  For recreational purposes and scheduling, the following grades are often matched:  Pre-K – 3, 4 - 6, and 7 and 8.
    Woodlawn Catholic Regional School has a distinguished tradition of excellence.  Our faculty provides our students with a strong foundation of academics while, simultaneously, nurturing the spiritual, emotional, and social development of the child in a manner that prepares them for the challenges of higher education.  In addition to the local Diocesan schools and public schools, our students apply and are accepted to a variety of prestigious secondary schools including but not limited to Classical, Moses Brown, and Wheeler.  Upon acceptance, many of our students are then placed in honor level and advanced classes.  In tracking the performance of these alumni/ae, we are proud to note that many of them earn honor roll distinction in high school and often go on to graduate with honors.
    In addition to the core subject areas, Woodlawn Catholic Regional is also a strong proponent of the arts and the development of social skills; as such, music, art, and physical education are an integral part of our curriculum.  At Woodlawn, there is a strong awareness as to the link that exists between the arts and academic achievement. 
    Safeguarding educational excellence in an ever-changing world is never easy, and, at Woodlawn Catholic Regional School, such excellence is not fortuitous; it is calculated and deliberate.  Our curriculum guides us with solid direction, and our faculty offers our students a myriad of innovative instructional strategies, including, but not limited to such methods as differentiated instruction, flexible grouping, and hands-on activities.  Such methods coupled with more traditional delivery methods help to ensure a wider meeting of the learning styles before us. 
    Notable strengths of the school’s academics as noted by NEAS/C:

    • The innovative teaching strategies as espoused by a dedicated and enthused faculty.
    • Implementation of differentiated instruction.
    • Continuity of subject matter from grade to grade.
    • Newly implemented reading series in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Two.
    • The varied during and after school offerings to enhance the development of the total child in grades four through eight.
    • The annual review of curriculum components.
    • The total infusion of faith into every aspect of school life.
    • The ample service activities that enable students to actively live out their faith.
    • Creative use of resources to enhance the experience of all students.
    • The availability of both remediation and enrichment as warranted by the needs of the students.
    • Exposure to real world experiences that is both relevant and topical.
    • The profusion of cross-curricular activities and collaborative partnering between grades.
    • Leveled learning in junior high for both math and English.